NALI Award 2022



This award is open to all UTM staff.

We look for participation that has the following criteria:

  1. NALI Driven (refer to for more information
  2. Outstanding achievement or track record (Awards / Medals/ Grants/ Publications)
  3. It can be a Practice/Project/Product :

-Practice-Transformative Teaching that results in improved student engagement and achievement in learning.

-Project-Student centered project that implements authentic/immersive learning environment.

-Product-An innovative output of learning materials based on good pedagogical principles for improved student learning.

  1. Has impact on learning and teaching
  2. Integrates technology
  3. Incorporates elements of Higher Education 4.0
Submission Format

1.Team Leader: Institution:

2.Project Members (Maximum: 5)

Member 1: Institution:
Member 2: Institution:
Member 3 Institution:
Member 4 Institution:
Member 5 Institution:

3.Select the relevant NALI elements (You can choose more than 1)

Learning Material

☐ Outcome Based Education

☐ Case Study Teaching

☐ Problem Based-Learning

☐ Project Based-Learning

☐ Scenario Based-Learning

☐ Peer Instruction

☐ Service Learning

☐ Job Creation

☐ CDIO Practices

☐ High Impact Educational Practices (HIEPs)

☐ First Year Seminar/Experience

☐ Service/Community Based Learning

☐ Intensive Academic Writing

☐ Diversity/Global Learning

☐ Collaborative Assignment & Project

☐ Capstone Project

☐ Empirical Research

☐ Internship

☐ Interdisciplinary Approach to Assessment

Learning Material

☐ UTM Open Courseware



☐ Video of Exemplary Professional

☐ Student-to-Student Edutaiment

☐ UTM e-Learning

☐ STEMazing UTM

4. Title of Practice/Project/Product:

5. Abstract: (not more than 250 words)

6. Practice/Project/Product Description:

i. Background of problem/ Issues
ii. Objectives
iii. Methods (Design and Development)
iv. Findings/Outcome
v. Potential for commercialization
vi. Technology used
vii. Incorporation elements of Education 4.0 / 21st Century 4C’s Skills (Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity)
viii. Impact on learning and teaching (Performance, Engagement and Empowerment)
viiii. Novelty / New Ideas
x. Presentation video


*All elements must be supported by evidences. How to insert evidence