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Join us by sharing your memories of Teaching and Learning at UTM!

This first ever competition is held in conjunction with the celebration of 50 years of the establishment of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) since 1972. Through this competition, participants can recall the memories while in UTM either as students or academic staff. The creative videos produced should highlight the teaching and learning activities carried out either inside or outside the classroom and lecture hall that really have an impact on the participants as students and instructors. It is hoped that with this competition, we can attract a large number of participants so that we can all appreciate the beautiful moments for the students when seeking knowledge and the determination of the teachers to educate the nation to succeed and be able to serve the country. All video entries will be kept as archives by the UTM Library.


  Registration can be made from March 10, 2022 via the link here. Fill in your information such as full name, identity card number/passport number, email address, phone number, title and synopsis of the video.

For group participation, only the group leader needs to register. For other group members, only the full name and identity card number/passport number are required.

The registration fee must be paid according to the guidelines provided in the registration platform. Payment made will confirm the registration.


Registration will close on March 31, 2022. Participants are given 3 months to develop the video. The closing date for video submissions is June 30, 2022.

To submit a video, set up a Google Drive folder, upload the video in that folder and share the video link in the registration system. Make sure the video can be downloaded by the organizer.

Important Dates

  • Registration Open 
    10 MARCH 2022 
  • Registration Close  
    31 MARCH 2022 30 APRIL 2022
  • Video Submission Deadline 
    30 JUNE 2022
  • Evaluation Period
    1 JULY 2022 – 15 AUGUST 2022
  • Announcement of Winners 
    5 SEPTEMBER 2022

Terms and Conditions

The theme of the video

is related to the memory and moments during the teaching and learning activities carried out either inside or outside the
classroom/lecture hall at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia between the period of 1972 to 2022.

The quality of the video

submitted must be in High Definition (1080 p) in MP4 format and the duration should be between 3 to 5 minutes.

Materials & Equipment

is at your own cost and responsibilities. All source and must copyrighted free and must be taken seriously upon avoiding any royalty issue or etc,

Video content Elements

can consist of video clips, photos, texts, audio, songs and others that are arranged and processed according to creativity and have an interesting and impactful storyboard. Please use opening/closing clip as provided into your video.

The work must be original

and the video must be competed for the first time. Make sure the materials used when developing the video are free of any copyrights or have a common creative or open source license.

All video development costs

are fully borne by the participants.

All videos submitted

will be the sole property of the organizer and the organizer may use or edit the video for promotional purposes on behalf of UTM in the future. Participants do not have the right to claim any payment for the stated purpose. The video will also be stored as an archive in the UTM Library.

The jury's decision

is final and no appeal will be accepted by the organizers.

The organizer reserves the right

to reject entries that violate the terms and conditions of the competition.

Bring your visual ideas to live

  • The three best videos will be shared exclusively on UTM’s official Facebook.


  • The winner video will be exhibit in the UTM Gallery.

Announcement of Winners

The announcement of the winners will be conducted through a special ceremony to be held on 5 September 2022 in a hybrid
mode – physical and online (Facebook Live). All participants will be invited to attend the event either physically or online
(subject to changes and current developments).

 Presentation of Prizes

Competition prizes are in the form of cash and certificates for first, second and
third place. Certificates of participation will be provided for all entries.

 First Place: RM 1,500 and certificate

 Second Place: RM 1,000 and certificate

 Third Place: RM 700 and certificate

 All entries: Certificate of participation


Spend more time making your art and less time developing your film


Any questions can be submitted to the competition secretariat as follows:

Mrs.Noor Yusaini Yusof

Pada 14 Mac 2022 ini, genaplah usia 50 tahun UTM sebagai sebuah universiti. Tahun 1972-2022 menghayati nostalgia sejarah tertubuhnya UTM bermula dari tahun 1972.

Sambutan sempena 50 tahun penubuhan Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (14 Mac 1972 – 14 Mac 2022) dilihat bertepatan dalam menghargai aspirasi kecemerlangan dan kejayaan semua pihak dalam pembangunan UTM.