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Emphasizing to develop and drive specific catalytic and innovative talent of young scholars


  • The ACCER 2021 programme is a structured programme that combines strategies (ahead thinking), operations (teamwork), and interpersonal abilities to enhance the readiness of the talent pool (non-mature level leaders).
  • The ACCER 2021 initiative is a continuous effort to ensure that selected talent pools from each faculty at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia are exposed to and explored for leadership opportunities.
  • The 15 leadership competencies are based on the AKEPT framework. Leadership, Impact and Influence, Achievement and Action, Personal Effectiveness and Cognition are the five core cluster competencies covered.
  • Through the ACCER 2021 programme, the selected candidates or buddies will participate in activities that will result in a balanced balance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Spiritual Intelligence (SQ), Adversity Quotient (AQ), and identity with UTM DNA that celebrates core values University leadership at the end of the programme.


This programme is designed to equip and empower a select group of young talents with a balance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Spiritual Intelligence (SQ), Adversity Quotient (AQ), and UTM DNA identity, that celebrates the core values of University leadership in order to face leadership challenges and issues as they arise.


The ACCER 2021 programme is a short term (3 months) programme that is not affiliated with the Latihan Ikhtisas. Staff who complete this programme must enrol in Latihan Ikhtisas / Post-doctoral for promotion purposes, and application for exemption from Latihan Ikhtisas using the ACCER programme is not permitted.

Program Output

A system will be developed of this programme that will allow UTMLead to access staff performance data and expand the availability of this valuable information for staff profiling assessment. This program's deliverables include: - A publication that will be posted on the UTMLead website and will consist of personal curriculum vitae infographics of selected young academic talents. -a 'Creative Proposal' regarding the University's aspiration and leadership model as one of the programme outputs that will be beneficial to University management in establishing UTM as a national and international research hub to nurture the innovation and creativity-led ecosystem while also exploring new areas of research that can help UTM maintain its competitive advantage.