Center for Curriculum and Academic Quality

About CALI

The Senate Meeting No. 12/2016/2017, dated 2 August 2017, has approved the proposed establishment of the Curriculum Innovation and Development Unit located at the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic & International). This unit aims to establish responsibility for strategic planning, innovation design, and curriculum development for UTM academic programs. The team will ensure that the development of the UTM curriculum is aligned with national and international development goals. UTM Executive Committee Meeting No 18/2021, dated 28 September 2021, and University Executive Committee Meeting No 22/2021 on 23 November 2021 have approved the transformation of the UTM Academic Leadership Center (UTMLead).

The details of the UTM Academic Leadership Center (UTMLead) Transformation are as follows:

The Teaching and Learning Unit ( TnL Unit) has been upgraded to the Center for Development in Digital and Flexible Education ( UTM CDex). The Innovation and Curriculum Development Unit (CIDU) has also been structured under the UTM CDex. The UTM Academic Leadership Center (UTMLead) and the Academic Leadership and Professional Development Unit (ALPD) are now dissolved. All continuous functions will be handed over to the Human Resources Division, Department of the Registrar, including Talent Development, Training, Academic Staff Replacement Plan, Data Management, Breach of Contract, and Meeting Secretariat.

Currently, Curriculum and Learning Innovation (CALI) will be responsible for teaching and learning activities and innovation and curriculum development programs at UTM.

For any enquiries, please contact:

Mrs. Nuril Aini Ahmad Tohid
Senior Assistant Registrar
Telephone: (607)-5537854
E-Mail: nuril@utm.my

Functions of CALI


Managing strategic planning, innovation design and curriculum development for academic programs in UTM



Secretariat for the University Curriculum Committee (JKKU)


Secretariat for the University Curriculum and Academic Quality Committee (JKTS KKA)


Research management as well as identifying innovations related to learning and teaching for implementation at the University level


Ensuring the development of UTM curriculum is in line with national and international development goals