Research-led Teaching

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Research-led Teaching

Introduction to Research-led Teaching

Research-led teaching is an approach to education that integrates research findings, methods, and principles into the teaching process. This approach emphasises the importance of keeping course materials up-to-date with current research developments in the field. Besides, it can encourage research culture among undergraduate students and most importantly can narrow the gap between research and teaching.

Research-led teaching can take various approaches depending on the discipline, educational level and specific learning objectives. Here are four approaches that are used to implement research-led teaching in UTM :

  1. Research-based : Students undertake research project centered around inquiry based learning.
        For example, Research Project and Problem based course.
  2. Research-oriented : Students learn research processes, research methodologies, inquiry skills & techniques.
        For example Research methodology courses and Laboratory work
  3. Research-driven : Students are taught research findings or current research in the discipline/field of study.
        For example Courses and Seminars
  4. Research-tutored : Students learn through critique and wide-ranging research discussion between themselves and educator/researcher
        For example : Critically discussing a research paper

By integrating research into teaching practices, educators can create dynamic and intellectually stimulating learning environments that empower students to become critical thinkers, lifelong learners, and contributors to knowledge creation.