How Micro-Credential helps?


Attain digital badge requires the learners to choose the suitable course and method first.


Developer can create and issue digital badges to monitor the learners progression and achievement.


Share the verifiable badge which represent the learning skills that you obtained.


Learners must acquire on their learning outcomes if they want to verify digital badge for the achievement records.

Credit Transfer

Micro-Credential has the interchangable with the accredited programmes which allowed credit transfer with the consideration by any HEP. Within the evaluation by HEP that compacted under MQA Guidelines, the credit transfer can be proceed. These credentials has recieved same recognization like APEL.

In 2017, MQA released guidelines for APEL as they validated MOOCs represented for lifelong learning that furnished towards academic qualifications in a way of credit transferring.

Micro-Credential badge

Micro-Credential badge purposed is authorization of the the breaking courses outcome which is the forms of low-cost digital certification. As one of principle of Micro-Credential is securable, all the data and performance of learners are embedded with a blockchain technology. Learners who enroll the Micro-Credential must fulfilled the requires criteria to acquire the badge. Once the HEP verified, the badge will be emailed so the learners be able to show their capabiities for the employment oppurtunities through social media platform such as LinkedIn.